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About us


Our church is a large congregation, made up of Ukrainian immigrants, that seeks to provide a safe place for people to explore a relationship with God. We know that at Ukrainian Christian Pentecostal Church you will be at home among other Christians who are truthfully trying to find a meaning in life through a relationship with Jesus. We teach our next generation the God's principles of life.


Sunday school beginning from kindergarden cover throughout elementry and middle school. Our teenage department includes Bible study for high school students, which is a great possibility for the church to point the young generation in the right direction according biblical way of living. 


Youth department supports boys and girls when they are getting baptized and preparing to get married.


All musically inclined church members have great possibility to participate in any of our worship groupbands, orchestras or choir.


Media ministry is providing recordings of our services via DVD's, and video clips to be viewed on the website library and youtube and soon there will be live broadcasting of our services. 


We believe:


The Bible is the revealed Word of God to men and that God speaks to us when we read it or teach from it.

The Holy Spirit guides us and helping understand the truth. It is important to make room in our hearts and lives for Jesus Christ to take over and lead us to our desired destination – heaven!

Brief Church history:

The congregation​ started in 1962 in the city of Chicago. One of our pastors today is Harry Matviiv. The congregation moved to Bensenville in 1982 and built their church at 644 South John Street. The church building had to undergo many construction changes and many designs. In 2002 a change needed to be made in order to fit the growing chior attendance, so the church redesigned the stage area of the sanctuary. In 2003, plans were made to expand the church due to the growing congregation.  On Sept 7th, 2004 expansion construction of the church begun, with many changes that were made during the construction period, completion was set back. With God's help and the help from our brothers and sisters construction of the redesigned and expanded church building was completed in November of 2009. 

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